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Categories organize your subjects or posts into follow-ups (folders). The same subjects, with the same themes, titles, contents, definitions are in the same place to be found easily.Thus the reader can find a subject of interest in a single category, without having to do a great search on your site. a simple example, a supermarket shelf where all the perfumery products are grouped so that you find them quickly without having to go through the whole space, this would be the category of your blog. In the IntradeBlog we have some categories such as “All”, “Export”, “Import”, “Incoterms”, “World Trade”, among others that would arise with certain content created and shared with our readers.

exportação para MPEI

The importance of exporting for Small Business: formula to run away from the crisis

  Export: formula to run away from the crisis. In many countries, such as Brazil, for example, economic crisis has...