Why should small industries sell in Foreign Markets?


Why should small industries sell in Foreign Markets

Why should small industries sell in foreign markets?

There are many advantages for small companies to sell in foreign markets. But beside the growth margins, there are other countless reasons for the Small Businesses to start the export process.

Learn why selling in the overseas market is a great demand for small industrial companies.

1. Improvement of product quality and quality control

As the foreign market has requirements for products that often differs from the internal market, the industries that export must improve their products and their quality standard, bringing therefore many benefits.

2. Development of new technologies

To meet the quality of products as well as design and packaging requirements, among other topics, industries end up developing new technologies, which brings benefits to them.

3. Expansion and modernization of facilities and improving productivity

When a small industry decides to sell in foreign markets, it is necessary to increase productivity and, therefore, expand and upgrade facilities and equipments and still deploy effective productivity management processes.

4. International brand recognition

A renowned brand is a brand that will attract more consumers. The more presence it has in the market, both internal and external, better known the brand will be.

5. Establishment of alternative markets

To have more options in different markets is always very good. If you produce a seasonal product, for example, you can sell it year around to countries with opposite seasons.

6. Participation in tax incentives

The government encourages and often subsidizes those who export, facilitating loans, financing, offering special lines of credit, among other benefits.

Sell in foreign markets brings many advantages to Small Companies. And it’s not difficult.

Also, according to a document compiled by the Corporación Interamericana de Inversiones (CII), the answer to this question is that exports can allow profitable growth in turnover, which in turn allows access to a broader market, defense of foreign competition and a more regular distribution of sales. Read this post: Why export?

Get started in the process and leverage your business!

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