Export and Import documents: checking of documents

Export and Import documents

Export and Import checking of documents

Perhaps as important as the export and import, you know check the export and import documents, which is more than the shipping documents.

Since the Proforma Invoice to the Bill of Lading is a long and important set of documents to check. Each field of an export or import document has its importance in terms of dates, text, values and specifications.

Export and Import documents

Among the most important documents are: 

Proforma Invoice or Quotation: A document that starts the business. The exporter sends to the importer so that it start the import process. It does not generate payment obligation. 

Bill of Lading or Air Waybill: A document issued by the carrier confirming the receipt of the cargo and pledging to deliver it in the contracted destination. It is a receipt, contract and property document, and therefore a debt claim. The document can be maritime, air, road or rail. 

Letter of Credit: It is provided by the importer and issued by a bank. It may be at sight, long term, irrevocable and confirmed. 

Packing List: A document issued by the exporter with the list of volumes and contents of the shipment. It is an important document for the importer to check the cargo.

Certificate or Insurance Policy: Document necessary when selling condition involves the contracting of insurance – domestic and international.

Commercial Invoice: It is the final invoice with the shipping information.

Other documents are also important, according to goods, tax benefits, credits and others. 

The document conference is complex, but with training and following an order (check-list) of the various items to be checked, it is possible to have a minimum of security. Various government agencies provide the definition of these documents. The Intradebook has a tool that shows you how to check each document within the Practical Export and Import Guide – Intradebook

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