Letter to international trade professionals

international trade professionals

Letter to international trade professionals.

We are also responsible for the results of world trade. Indirectly, because we do not act in the planning and trade management – we hope that governments adopt the right policies. Directly, because we do not act collectively as international trade agents.

The world has 195 million of companies and 22,000,000 of industrial enterprises. But the world foreign trade is limited to 800,000 companies. According to the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), there are also 40,000 logistic operators – their associates.

The same actions do not make the different results.

Research shows that companies do not export through ignorance of markets (63%), for communication difficulties (62%) and lack of routines and procedures (49%), but the vast majority would like to export (86%) – information obtained from previous research conducted by the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP), Brazil. This leaves the unfortunate fact that we have a huge and powerful number of companies wanting to export, but without being minimally trained!

Also our business services for foreign trade, as carriers, insurers, shippers, brokers, banks and consultants, among others, compete for the 700,000 customers when they could be working with a market of 22,000,000 businesses!

The small business will not be trained alone following complicated manuals by searching on Google or making relatively expensive trainings. They have no time or money. And only need simplified and objective information.

We, at Intradebook, take the initiative to develop an online B2B platform for Small Business insertion in international trade that was free, in english, spanish and portuguese and it was a concrete solution to the trade problems: markets + communication + routines + logistics and services. We finish the platform with three modules: InTradeInBusiness, and InService.

The project was approved by several renowned institutions in Brazil and abroad, and selected as one of the most innovative initiatives by various institutions, with users in over 50 countries.

However, without the involvement of Foreign Trade Professionals we can not access the small enterprises and create a market for thousands of companies and international trade professionals.

We can make a better world in international trade. Yes, we can!


Alfredo Kleper Lavor

Economist, founder of Intradebook

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