The importance of exporting for Small Business: formula to run away from the crisis


The importance of exporting for Small Business: formula to run away from the crisis

Export: formula to run away from the crisis.

In many countries, such as Brazil, for example, economic crisis has been established in all segments. Consumers are pulling back from purchasing products and the industry in production, resulting in a trade deficit and the dismissal of employees. The good side of all this is that every crisis brings its challenges and opportunities. And one of these opportunities is the exporting for the small business (micro and small industrial enterprises), which often don´t believe in their potential.

Many small entrepreneurs have the will to export, but are put off, because of the difficulty in understanding the necessary procedures and the lack of time for that. However, the crisis might bring the right moment to start this process. After all, necessity makes the man isn´t it? And what better way to escape a crisis than selling your product in a country with a stable economy, with a higher purchasing power?

Scenario for the exporting of Small Business.

In Brazil, a recent study done by Sebrae (Brazilian Service Support for Micro and Small Business), released in 2013, shows that exporting for the Small Business is already a fact. There is no data on the niche of small industries, but small businesses, in general, accounted for 59.4% of exporting companies in 2013, and accounted for US$ 2.0 billion of exports. This number, however, has the potential to grow, facilitating a highly bureaucratic process with the use of tools that will make the processes more practical and easy. The key is to use tools that facilitate these processes.

In Brazil we have more than 10 million companies (1.1 million industrial) and about 0.23% export. In the world are more than 190 million companies – 22 million industrial – and only 0.40% have international business.

With the use of tools that help small businesses to export and with the right information in your hands, you can facilitate this process and start exporting, boosting sales and revenues.

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