Software for international business?

Software for international business?

Why invest in Export and Import software for international negotiations?

When entering the international market, it is important to be well prepared. In addition to the tools offered by government agencies that can help in the process, bet on export systems also brings advantages for small and medium enterprises. From a total of 7 million of brazilian SMEs, only 40,000 have entered the export and import business. Facilities provided by export software such as simulation and monitoring of all stages of negotiation, stimulate the entry of new companies in this universe.

Software for international business?

With the use of export systems the entrepreneur has access to a number of features that give agility and clarity to sales abroad. Through them the exporter has a kind of guide that shows the steps needed to export respecting the bureaucratic, with security.

The systems are able to make projections on the costs required to export, freight values and viability of production, eliminating risks. In addition they can monitor shipping documents, and issue reports on operations.

Another advantage of the software is that they can be a direct channel with banking institutions. Through them you can also get in touch with customers and suppliers and reduce bureaucracy to release documents.

The organization of the processes is the great advantage of export systems for international negotiations. By focusing on specialized software all stages of sales abroad, the entrepreneur has a more accurate view of the business itself. Controlling from production costs to the landing of the goods, the chances of success are greater.

Specifically for small businesses, the Intradebook offers a free online platform for international trade, with:

InTrade: step by step guide for export and import with distance training, simulations, negotiation and management.

InBusiness: publication of export supply and import demand for connection between sellers and buyers.

InService: list of foreign trade service providers and logistics necessary for the realization of exports and imports.

For medium and large companies we have developed a tool to standardize and control export and import processes:

InControl: control panel of export or import transactions to track customers or suppliers.

Other companies provide software and platforms for foreign trade, but are not focused on the needs of small businesses.


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