The Companies that want to export, for the most part, do not do the strategic planning of this initiative. And doing strategic planning for export is very important, almost vital to the company.

Strategic planning is for the leader to see the potential of his business by creating actions that make the company go ahead of its competitors in the market. Similarly, it allows you to find out which paths are best suited to follow and achieve business goals.

In this Strategic Plan for Export, which is not just a planning, but a strategy planning, you have to draw the business model you want to develop, perhaps applying the Business Model Canvas adapted for this, where they define, among others, these points:

– Product to be Exported

– Customer Segments

– Relationship with Customers

– Chanell Communication with Customers

– Key Partners

– Key Activities

– Key Resources

Then the SWOT matrix should be developed, which shows:

– The Strenghts of the product to be exported

– The Weaknesses of the product to be exported

– The Opportunities for the product to be exported

– The Threats that may arise for the product

There is other information that may be included, such as the BCG matrix, the Golden Circle and other projections, which can better detail strategic planning. But, it is up to each company to include other data beyond this defined here.

In the end will prepare a list of strategic initiatives that should be performed for strategic planning to be performed, this list should be done in the decreasing order of priority, with as much detail as possible.

Strategic Plan for Export

This strategic planning has to have as its principle:

– Be simplified and easy to understand

– Be executable and not just a bureaucratic piece

– Have the contribution of all employees and managers of the company

– Have a logical sequence to complete strategic initiatives

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