Export to whom: search channels

Export to whom: search channels

Export to whom: search channels

Export to whom: search channels

In addition to your knowledge need to perform an export, you also need to know “to whom” you can export your product or who would be interested in buying your product.


There are several ways to look for overseas buyers and we can suggest:

a) Embassies and Consulates – Embassies and consulates generally provide lists of exporters and importers. In the link below, there is a list of Embassies and Consulates around the world, select the country you want to find information:


b) Internet – There are many search engines that facilitate your search by importers/exporters. Always try to find information through government websites, they are reliable and there is plenty of information about import/export.



c) Commercial and Industrial Associations – These associations generally have an international business sector, which provides information on potential customers seeking new suppliers and new products. See the link below the list of trade associations around the world and select the country you want to find information on:


d) Intradebook: This platform contains a specific module for search of customers and suppliers in the world (InBusiness) to search for the description of the goods or for the classification of the Harmonized System (SH). Using this tool you can find potential customers or suppliers in real time:


The search for overseas customers, or market knowledge, is one of the three main steps to get started on the export path. The other two steps are:

  1. To know the routines and procedures of export, to know forms of payment, modalities of transportation, necessary documents, fiscal benefits, credit benefits and Incoterms.
  2. To know the foreign trade and logistics services, to know how to deliver – and well – what sold and, in addition, get better prices and quality of services.



Good business and good luck!

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