Export Journey, a path for small businesses

In 2021, the Export Journey project was carried out, an initiative of CONAMPE – National Confederation of Micro and Small Businesses and INTRADEBOOK, with 6 Workshops and 12 Lectures on Export.

Export Journey
Export Journey

In Brazil there are 22 million companies and less than 30,000 managed to export in the last year.

The 6 Workshops address practical aspects of using the INTRADEBOOK platform for export and import and the Lectures address specific topics related to foreign trade in the areas of Market, Routines and Logistics.

The 12 Lectures follow a logical script, covering the three pillars of international trade – Market, Routines and Logistics. And, within each of these pillars, we comment on specific themes:


1.1 – The importance of the market in the concept of the three pillars of international trade (market, routines and logistics).

1.2 – Why export?

1.3 – To whom to export?

1.4 – How to export?

1.5 – The importance of a website in exporting

1.6 – How to advertise on social media for export

1.7 – Marketplaces for export

1.8 – The e-commerce opportunity for export


3.1 – The importance of logistics in the concept of the three pillars of international trade (market, routines and logistics)


2.1 – The importance of routines in the concept of the three pillars of international trade (market, routines and logistics)

3.2 – International transport, INCOTERMS and international insurance

3.3 – Exchange and payment methods

For each Lecture we invite someone with a lot of experience and representativeness in the area, from Brazil and abroad.

Export Journey, a path for Small Businesses

This Export Journey was intended to guide, train, encourage and support Individual Micro Entrepreneurs (IME), Micro Enterprises (ME), Small Business (SB) and Artisans, showing the steps of international trade in a oriented, simplified way and objective.

Many articles, opinions and guidelines that talk about international trade treat this as something complex, bureaucratic and for few companies. They have many needs, difficulties and a series of requirements to trade with other companies from other countries, which scares more than helps companies. All these requirements are normal in the domestic market and, therefore, are not exclusive to those who want to do international business.

We have simplified the presentation of international business problems into three basic problems – Market, Routines and Logistics – which is the most logical way to present international trade with objectivity, practicality and a clear vision of results.

It could be that this “Export Journey, a path for Small Businesses” project could also be replicated in other countries and institutions such as the ITC, EEN, SBA, IADB, IBRD, SELA, APEX/Brasil e SEBRAE/Brasil, to train Small Businesses for international trade with clarity, simplicity, objectivity and results orientation.

To see all the lectures, you can access the CONAMPE/events website.

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