In practically every city in the world there is an association of companies that represents the interests of entrepreneurs in the commercial, industrial and/or agribusiness area of ​​the city. It is these associations that harmonize the interests of entrepreneurs and debate and propose activities common to entrepreneurs, whether from routine matters to innovative matters. Let’s talk about Business Associations and International Trade.

Innovative subjects are those that are characterized by creating a differential between other associations and, normally, deal with new technologies, new procedures or new business opportunities.

Among the business opportunities that have a greater differential is the proposal to teach companies to do international business, whether for exporting or importing.

Certainly, the association’s initiative to include the international business window depends on tools that can facilitate this learning for entrepreneurs and can also be a support for associations to monitor operations for this knowledge to be disseminated and practiced more and more, because a factor of economic growth and commercial development is international trade.

The practice of international trade cannot be restricted to issuing Certificates of Origin, customs classification, tariff agreements, INCOTERMS, exchange or international relations between countries. This is important, but it is also an accessory within a universe where doing international business encompasses many more things, which are objective and which generate results.

The company that is able to do international business will be more valued in the market.

For this International Business learning to be effective and objective, it is essential that the tool used to do international trade includes:

a) Business: how to seek and find potential customers or suppliers.

b) Routines: how to perform an export or import operation, with all the steps and documents.

c) Logistics: how and where to find the ideal logistics partners for the entire export or import chain.

Today we have around 400 million companies in the world, and 20 million industries, with most of them certainly wanting to export or import if they knew how to do this, or if they had a person who could help them make an export or import.

Business Associations are certainly this way, and the right way, to prepare companies to participate in this huge market in need of alternative or differentiated products.

Business Associations must prepare and qualify for this “International Business” window.


As an example, during 2021, Intradebook helped CONAMPE to implement the Export Journey  program, to help artisans, individual micro entrepreneurs, micro companies and small companies, to do International Business. And, most certainly, this innovative initiative has yielded positive results.

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