Best Apps For Doing International Business

Best Apps For Doing International Business

Best Apps For Doing International Business


Best Apps For Doing International Business

Technology has changed the way we do international business today! Anyone in the United States can now do business with someone working in India or China.

Technological advancement has made our cellphones smarter, the mobile apps are a boom for International business community to streamline their business.

Listed below are some of the best apps for International business community which you should install on your smartphone or computer.

  1. HKTDC Mobile

HKTDC Mobile is one of the apps which you should install. The app provides information and resources for international buyers and suppliers on a wide variety of topics which includes market trends, trade fairs and event list for establishing business connections, international market data and more.  The app provides videos on latest market updates along with various other HKTDC services. 

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing services trusted my millions of business owners globally. Dropbox lets you to quickly share files, documents, slides and videos with the team and international business partners.offers users 2 gigabytes or more of storage space for free—enough for hundreds of PowerPoint files. Individual users will have to pay $9.99 monthly for 100 GB of storage. While businesses with a minimum of five users will have to make a payment of $15 monthly for unlimited storage. 

  1. Smart Traveler

This official app – Smart Traveler – of the U.S. State Department offers immediate access to country information, including U.S. embassy locations and detailed maps. It also provides you with the State Department’s latest. 

  1. Google Translate

If you are not familiar with the local language then conducting business can be a difficult task. With Google Tradutor app you can instantly translate language spoken in real-time, easily tap to translate the copied text. The Camera Mode of the app lets you translate text instantly by taking a photo. With Google Translate, you can easily translate text in offline mode. 

  1. Skype

Using Skype on your smartphone or computer you can make international video calls and phone calls for free while connected to Wi-Fi. With instant messages, you can be easily in touch with your team members back home while on an international business meeting. The latest update of Skype brings the feature of group video calls with no any extra charge. 

  1. UPS TradeAbility for International Shipping 

If you are doing international business one of the main concern is shipping of product overseas. Thankfully, UPS TradeAbility is a free international shipping tool by UPS which provides you estimated costs, identifies restricted companies for shipping, keeps up with changing international laws and regulations and much more. 

  1. XE Currency

XE Currency app for smartphone will come in handy while on an international business trip. It is one of the most downloaded foreign exchange apps, has conversion rates for more than 180 countries, offers live exchange rates. 

  1. Intradebook Platform

The international trade has three great barriers: market, routines and logistics.  The Intradebook platform to make international business solves these three challenges in one place, with the modules:

InBusiness: intelligent search tool for customers and suppliers.

InTrade: step-by-step tool for export and import with learning, negotiation and operation.

InService: list of suppliers of foreign trade and logistics services.

It is the best “one stop shop” platform for doing international business. Teaches and guides in all phases of an international business. For small businesses that want to work in international trade at low costs.

The basic version is free for beginners. In the customized version the company does everything for you.

Best Apps For Doing International Business

The above mentioned apps will help you in conducting international business more easily.


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