20 Questions about Export

20 Questions about Export

20 Questions about Export

20 Questions about Export

Foreign trade is the set of three basic problems: market, routines and logistics. This is our concept, the concept of the Intradebook. To successfully carry out an export operation companies need to know the solutions to these three problems.

The Intradebook platform solves all three problems in one place, without the need for separate search and learning. This is our concept and the way to make foreign trade easier and accessible for all.

The 20 most common Questions about Export, for example, are:

  1. How to find customers in the world?
  2. How do I find the tariff classification of my product for export?
  3. How to do a market research for exporting products?
  4. How do I test if my product is viable for export?
  5. What are the advantages of exporting?
  6. How to calculate the price for export?
  7. How to calculate the best mode of transport for an export?
  8. How to calculate weight and cubic meters, including occupation of a container, for export?
  9. How to compare Incoterms alternatives for export?
  10. How to compare payment modalities for export?
  11. How to prepare a Proforma Invoice for export?
  12. How to learn and execute the routines of an export?
  13. How to check a Letter of Credit?
  14. How to prepare a Packing List?
  15. How to hire an International Insurance?
  16. How to hire a Customs Broker?
  17. How to make a Commercial Invoice for Export?
  18. How to hire International Freight?
  19. How to have a check-list of an export?
  20. How to have total control of a door-to-door export?

The Intradebook platform responds to all 20 Export Questions in a logical and objective way.

Remember that all these 20 Questions about Export are part of the concept that international trade has three main barriers to solve: market, routines and logistics.

You can know other matters on foreign trade in our blog: https://blog.intradebook.com/en/. Or you can visit our home page: https://www.intradebook.com.

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