International Trade Knowledge Test Part 2

Test of Knowledge of International Trade - Part 2., by Intradebook.

International Trade Knowledge Test Part 2.

International Trade Knowledge Test Part 2

INTRADEBOOK has created a series of questions for you to test your knowledge in international trade.

They are groups of basic, medium and difficult questions to measure the degree of knowledge you have of international trade.

The Foreign Trade professional is prepared to master the techniques used in everything that involves the purchase and sale of products and services with companies or agencies from other countries, in administrative, fiscal, exchange and logistic matters of export and import processes.

Among other knowledge, such as administration, negotiation, logistics, economics and geography, he needs to be a bit generalist and know everything a little, to know the habits, customs and peculiarities of each country.

This professional also needs to analyze market trends – both externally and internally – and assess the needs of buyers and suppliers. It can identify buying and selling opportunities and develop strategies for the viability of a business, defining marketing and logistics plans, among others.

A typical procedure of the foreign trade professional: always look at the labels of the products to know where it is produced or where it is imported.

The test shows several aspects of international trade, from theory to practice. It is not so simple not to be superficial, but also not so complex as to seem inaccessible.

You can access the International Trade Knowledge Test Part 2, by this link:

Warning: Please be aware that tests of this type have no scientific validity. They are just an instrument of knowledge of your skills and interests to help you better reflect on your profession.


International Trade Knowledge Test Part 2. An experience generated by INTRADEBOOK to remember professionals and students of international trade.

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