International business platform: Intradebook


International business platform reaches 100 countries: Intradebook

Yesterday, 04/24/2017, INTRADEBOOK was awarded “We currently have users in 100 countries“!

Thank you to all who have helped us, supported and believed in us and in our purpose to be the Global Small Business International Trade Platform.

In the world are more than 190 million companies – 22 million industrial – and only 0.40% have international business. In Brazil we have more than 10 million companies (1.1 million industrial) and about 0.23% export.

We want to help more companies, especially small companies, to enter international trade with knowledge of routines and procedures, knowledge of markets and with knowledge of who can hire to do logistics.

This complete view of foreign trade (routines, market and logistics) makes foreign trade easier and more comprehensive for small businesses.

We believe there is a very large field for the growth of international trade in small businesses – and between small businesses – and this growth in small volumes but in large numbers will have a positive and rapid impact on the generation of company revenues, on the generation of jobs, on the absorption of technologies, on the exchange of technical and administrative experiences, in increasing productivity, in reducing costs and, last but not least, in the satisfaction of families.

We believe that international trade can make the world better.

Thank you!

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