How to export products

How to export products

How to export products

How to export products

How to export products. Many articles and guidelines dealing with export and “how to export” show this as complex, bureaucratic and almost impossible for businesses. They speak of many needs, planning, market research, product suitability, packaging, certifications and other more needs. But, all these requirements are normal in the market and therefore are not exclusive to the company that wants to export.

We at Intradebook simplify the export process by summing up in three difficulties in three:

  1. Market: the entrepreneur needs to research and analyze the market he wants to reach, city, country or region, he needs to calculate and compare his prices and he needs to find potential customers.
  2. Routines: the entrepreneur needs to know the export routines and procedures, such as documents, pricing, payment methods, buying and selling (INCOTERMS) and steps to follow.
  3. Logistics: The entrepreneur must find the right partners for successful export, quality and safety, and this includes foreign exchange services, international transportation, international transportation insurance, customs brokers, consultants and other specific and necessary services.

Knowing these three bases the entrepreneur will be able to communicate better with its customers, service providers and employees. What once looked like a “black box” will become better known and create the export culture.

And why are the three knowledge (market, routines and logistics) important and complementary to each other?

It is not enough to have a knowledge of the market, the “for whom”, if we do not know the “how to” of the routines and the “how to deliver” of the logistics.

It is not enough just to know the routines if you do not know the market and the logistics. The routine will guide “how to”, but if we do not have the market (the “for whom”), and the logistics (the “how to deliver”) will be difficult to finalize an international business.

And it is not enough just to have logistics, the “how to deliver”, if you do not know the routines (“how to do”) and know the market (“to whom”).

Several systems in the world try to solve these three difficulties separately. Intradebook has developed a platform that solves these three solutions in one place, in an orderly and interactive way.

How to export products

See the blog ““. In this blog we show how to use the Intradebook platform following the concept of MarketRoutines and Logistics.

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