Export and Import Course

Export and Import Course

Export and Import Course, a practical way to learn how to do international business.

Export and Import Course

If you researched this topic it is because you are interested in learning about export and import. Let’s see some possible alternatives to this learning.


Basically, there were two ways of learning about export and import. An academic course or a practical course.


With regard to qualification, the academic course presents more emphasis on theoretical aspects and practical courses, as the name already says there is more emphasis on practical aspects.


When at the same time academic courses range from 1 year to MBA courses, 2 years to technologist training courses and 4 years to higher education courses. The practical courses are short-term and very specific, ranging from 2 days to 30 days, depending on the purpose and scope of the training.


The focus of the course may aim at an academic training for a student to start a profession, or a practical training for an entrepreneur to start an export and import business.

Field or area

The field or area of study, notably in academic courses, may include:

  1. Foreign trade: field of study of the international trade of a country, a region or between countries.
  2. International trade: field of study of international trade between companies and between private persons.
  3. International business: field of study of how to do business in the world.
  4. International relations: field of study of political, economic and social relations between countries.

Many of these courses, mainly the academic ones, can be seen in some sites of the world, among them Eduniversal Business School Ranking that shows the schools of businesses in the world, by country.

With the advent of new technologies and the possibilities of innovation and disruption, international trade has also seen companies emerge with specific proposals to facilitate world trade, especially the so-called “fintech” that open new frontiers in forms of payment.

In the area of international business Intradebook innovated with the proposal of to join in one place the solutions for international market, international routines and international logistics. For this reason, the Intradebook platform can be the ideal tool for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to export and import.

Some universities and business schools are also using the Intradebook platform to enrich their courses with simulations of international trading and operations.

Export and Import Course, a practical way to learn how to do international business.

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