Brazilian government simplifies export

Brazilian government simplifies export for Small Business

Brazilian government simplifies export for small business

Simples International should facilitate access to the external market for small companies.

 The Receita Federal do Brasil (Internal Revenue Servicel has published the normative instruction that regulates the Simples International, a tax regime that facilitates access to foreign trade for micro and small companies that are already part of the Simples Nacional. The new rules are already in force, according to information released this Friday (09) by Agência Sebrae, Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises. Sebrae was one of the institutions that contributed to the formulation and progress of the initiative.

 Under the rule, the logistic operator, which may be the Post Office or a private transport company duly authorized, is responsible for the entire export process. Exporting companies should only focus on producing and closing the deal with customers from other countries.

 The products will still be exempted from the export license and will have priority in the physical verification in the customs and in the analysis of physical, chemical and sanitary controls.

 The government’s intention is to increase the participation of small businesses in Brazilian exports. According to a Sebrae survey in partnership with the Foreign Trade Studies Center Foundation (Funcex), the participation of micro and small companies in total national shipments rose from 0.89% to 1.03% in 2014 by 2015.

The same actions do not make different results

 Simples Internacional will benefit 11.6 million individual microentrepreneurs (MEI), micro and small companies that bill up to R$ 3.6 million per year (US$ 900,000.00). Adherence to the simplified procedure is optional. Under the traditional procedure, the company needs to obtain qualification as exporter, cadastre, domicile fiscal and electronic in the Single Foreign Trade Portal (Siscomex).

Once the logistics problem is solved, two barriers remain: know how and sales/export. Without being empowered with the export procedures, small businesses will continue to experience difficulties. And without knowing where to seek customers for their products all the effort of logistics facilitation can be lost.

 In these points is that the INTRADEBOOK platform helps with the InTrade and InBusiness modules. InTrade teaches and enables small businesses to export, and InBusiness is a search tool for overseas customers.

 Good news for brazilian small business!

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